My E-Bike Affair!


Living on Sir William Hill meant that my cycling career has always been a love/hate one. Whatever route I took required a painful, lung-bursting, leg-knackering ascent either to start or to finish. My true obsession is climbing and cycling was a secondary activity – important for me as I have an ancient climbing induced injury to my ankle which makes walking anything over 4 miles very painful - but the Sir William Hill factor eventually eroded my desire for a pleasant bike ride particularly as I got older.

Then I was introduced to an E-bike! A friend had bought an E-MTB which I borrowed for a day and was instantly converted. This was in October and I threw caution to the winds and went out and bought a Haibike Sduro 5 E-MTB from the Hassop bike shop who were very helpful and gave me a decent deal and I have never looked back since.

We live amongst some of the most accessible and interesting off-road cycling in the country with a myriad of brilliant tracks stretching out around us. We have both old limestone road tracks/bridle-paths and gritstone moorland bridle paths all made accessible by our road network allowing us to go out not only for pleasure but also to visit shops (when open,) doctors surgeries (brilliant for having fun whilst collecting prescriptions!) and even for going climbing to some of our local quarries. Since the early dry weather made riding much more enjoyable I have done over 1,100 miles primarily during lockdown when the bike has been a godsend! Although my children say I’m cheating I definitely feel after a ride like I have been properly exercised and at least I’ve been out when before I probably wouldn’t have bothered!

I love using my E-Bike as it ticks all the right boxes helping me to keep fit, see places I wouldn’t get to any other way and reduce my car usage. Judging by the smiles I see on the faces of other E-Bike users, they love their E-Bike freedom as well!

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