Hi all 'peddlers'


Having been a keen cyclist for more years than I care to remember ,I've recently found that I've 'lost' my hill climbing legs !

I've still got both of them, but they don't work as well as they used to.

So,... I've actually converted one of my road bikes to an E-bike by fitting a new front wheel with a hub motor , a battery pack and associated controls.

Not too difficult to do and I've found that the battery has a range of 70-100 km if you don't over use it , it's there to assist / give a little extra push for the steeper Derbyshire hills rather than the flat plains of Cheshire which are easy to deal with !

I got a bit of a surprise when I recently checked the website for the 'kit' that I used a couple of years ago , I paid about £550 , the same conversion kit is now ' on offer ' at £699 rather than £1099 !!! ,so not a cheap option but, if you have a favourite 'trusty steed' and need a little extra push, possibly a more economic option than a whole new E-bike .

link to website below:

It required a bit of 'fettling' but so far has proved to be very reliable.

David Gardner

(Badgers Wood, Upper Padley, hopefully in full time residence by Christmas 2020 )

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