Evening E bike enthusiasts


I converted my touring bike to a E bike just before we moved here 4 and a bit years ago. The reason was to try and stop us buying a second car but alas with little Ada around we ended up with a car as well. Do I regret converting the bike and spending the money? ...... No

The E bike got used all of the time in the first year (when I didn't have to drop a child off to Nursery). I used it everyday in rain, snow and even when there was some sunshine to get to work/shops. The drive to work is normally about 20 - 25mins and on the ebike it is 30-40mins. It has a range of about 70miles. As Helen and myself both have the same inside leg, we both use the bike and it definitely helped her get back into cycling after the pregnancy.

We still use it today on days that we want to cycle but have a cold, feel lazy, don't want to get sweaty or feel in the mood to dishearten some roadie giving it beans on Froggatt hill as we overtake them. I would honestly say that it was one of the best things that I bought/converted and it is still running today 4 and a bit years later.

I would put a link to the conversion kit that I used but technology has moved on and you can get some great cheap kits off Ebay.

Hope that helps.

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