E-bike tales


I am now the proud owner of a shiny red Cube trapeze ebike, after a long time of dithering over whether or not to get one.

I have always been a keen cyclist – keen but not in any way advanced ! Mainly shorter trips and holidays. The most ambitious was probably Sheffield to Llyn Peninsula in North Wales in 1990, but that was in my younger days!! Sheffield and Derbyshire hills were never great for me and I often found the relatively flatter roads were also the busier ones.

I tried my friend’s ebike and was persuaded. We then moved from Sheffield to Grindleford last year and put off the decision about buying an e-bike. With the start of Lockdown and money saved from cancelled holidays, I thought now was the moment to go for it.

I have discovered some lovely quiet routes which are now possible without collapsing in a sweaty heap at the side of the road. For once I can now get to the top of the hill before Tom (who hasn’t got an ebike!) .

As a member of Hope Valley Climate Action, I am also committed to reducing my carbon footprint.

It is great to discover other Grindleford folk with e-bikes too. We have really enjoyed connecting with the community since moving here and yesterday, Sarah and I spent a lovely sunny and sociable Monday morning meandering off to Tideswell via Eyam and Foolow.

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