Converted e-bike commuter

It was an email circulated at work that made me consider an e-bike commute. Cycleboost in Sheffield offer a loan scheme with some accessories plus initial confidence training. If you are an employee or live in Sheffield, you are eligible for the Cycleboost scheme. It was more the embarrassment of being seen by my fellow club cyclists, who I ride with on and off-road, that had probably delayed my foray into electric assist. My cycle commute, since moving from Sheffield 4 years ago, had grown from consistent, whatever the traffic, 9 minutes each way to 40 there and 45 back. What's more it now involved a full lycra commitment with the change of clothes and hygiene regime that that entails! A school is not a place to arrive late, dripping wet, wearing cycle shorts in a staff briefing. I had vowed to complete one commute a week on moving to the village and found myself putting off the occasional wet winter week, leaving same returning in the dark, in fear for my life as the quarry wagons bore down on me from behind. Purely by accident, the month I chose to test the ebike concept was November. Instantly my commute was transformed, now completed wearing mostly work clothes and carefully selected waterproof outer garments. Small worries were eased such as lighting (no more forgetting to charge the batteries at night), decent panniers with a rack and solid construction of a heavier bike meant for upright and easy ebike position. But more importantly, the climb out of the village to Fox House became a nature watch and after a long day on my feet at work the return leg, as long as I got away before dark, became a delight. After a month I had to give my loan bike back. I wouldn't buy the same bike; it was ugly, heavy, in short a little lacking in the urbane style to which I aspire. And I haven't bought a new one since due to the cost. But I absolutely will be converting my existing computer and I am a complete e-bike convert. What's more I proudly boast the same to my  cycling club mates and it's surprising how many of them are secret e-bike fanciers.

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