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Shared Electric Bikes

1. Have a go:

  • Borrow an e-bike for a week

  • Or temporarily convert your own bike - Borrow a Swytch Kit


2. Form an e-bike Transport Group:

  • Find a couple of other people who could use the same e-bike at different times. The Rider Compatibility map might help, add your own details with the survey linked to this QR code: 

  • Try out sharing as a group with a borrowed e-bike

3. Use the default pay-as-you-go (PAYG) rate - updated for your e-bike each month to minimise shortfall

  • Agree a % responsibility for each rider any shortfall or surplus that does occur

4. Include the capital cost and running costs in the PAYG rate with e-bike microfinance

5. Custom online schedule provided:

  • For booking and paying


6. Shared Electric Bike insurance provided

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E-bikes made affordable by sharing

Share access to the car you've left behind: